Understanding Proper Attic Insulation

Understanding the Importance of Proper Attic Insulation

Of the many essentials needed to promote a more energy-efficient home, proper attic insulation ranks considerably high. A poorly insulated attic can result in a myriad of problems ranging from barely noticeable to severely impactful, including drafts, excessive heating and AC bills, increased allergens, pests, critters and more. Additionally, homes that have not been insulated for many years (or decades) may be housing materials that are inefficient, toxic or teeming with built-up bacteria that can flow invisibly through your home.

A properly-insulated attic, is one that continually saves homeowners money on monthly heating and AC bills, while protecting the attic’s structural integrity.  At Blue Nail in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we have been insulating attics for over a decade.  Our insulation technicians are thoroughly-trained, experienced in all insulation styles, and completely respectful of your home and family. Our experts recommend and install blown-in insulation by Owens Corning.

Loose-Fill Attic Insulation in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex 

This especially-durable type of attic insulation goes by many names, such as loose fill, spray on, or blown-in insulation. Whatever you wish to call it, spray attic insulation reaches deeply into cracks and cervices, that traditional foam roll fiberglass simply can’t protect against.

  • Can helps reduce home heating & cooling bills
  • Provides a more comfortable interior atmosphere
  • Loose fill insulation is the longest-lasting 
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Penetrates deep into fine gaps for a tight seal
  • An affordable upgrade from foam insulation rolls

Why Choose Blue Nail for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Attic Insulation?

In the video below, Blue Nail’s team of attic insulation techs take you through one of our recent attic insulation projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Get in touch to learn more about what sets our process apart and how it benefits homeowners in the long run.

When It Comes to Attic Insulation, Call a Proven Expert

As demonstrated in the video, there’s more to it than simply laying down a layer of insulation.  Before replacing all of the old, nasty, potentially toxic fiberglass material, we installed new baffles to help expedite free airflow through the soffit channels to the roof.  Not only does it help insulate better, it also helps protect the new insulation that’s been installed.

Sadly, many of today’s so-called professional attic insulators are better at talking a big game than they are at properly insulating a home’s attic. With so much depending on the integrity of this multi-critical structure, it just isn’t worth taking chances.  At Blue Nail, we’ve been insulating residential attics in Dallas-Fort Worth TX and the surrounding region for over a decade.  Our staff of professional Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex attic insulators brings years of experience to every job. We’ve insulated every type of attic, and have a keen insight for homes in and around the greater Dallas area. We use the safest and most effective materials available, a meticulous installation process and leading-edge technology to ensure a flawless job.

Affordable Insulation Services

We understand that in today’s economy, having your attic insulated can sometimes fell more like a luxury.  That’s why we at Blue Nail work tirelessly to offer genuine value-based solutions to meet every budget.

Leading-edge Insulation Technology

Part of what makes us the #1 attic insulators in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is the technology and equipment we utilize.  This includes state-of-the-art insulation sprayers, leak detection and materials.

If it’s been some time since you’ve given your attic the attention it regularly needs, we invite you to call and discover why more homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area continue to put their faith in our expertise and honesty.  Get answers, rates or start a free estimate by calling Blue Nail Enterprises today at  855-255-1975 or email us thorough our contact page to get a free consultation on attic insulation for your home


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